There are reports from the human city of Sperth to the North. They are dealing with a large influx of undead. They have had to deal with them in the past, but it is becoming more of a problem and has scared away a lot of traders. They are reporting that they just don’t have the resources to handle this incursion. South of the great battle site of the 3rd clan wars from the barbarians. Undead are coming from the east. Always had undead problems, but significantly ramped in last 8 to 10 months.

The city has noticed that the barbarian clans have splintered. 4 of them have disappeared completely, rest are infighting.

The party discusses the situation concerning Sperth and feel that it is best to send Davran Tigersoul as in the past he once saved the city from a large group of trolls. This opened lots of communication between city and barbarians. King agrees to send a small force to the North behind Tigersoul.

It is a 12 day ride north to Sperth from the capital city. It is another 22 day march northwest to clan wars location from Sperth.


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