Balls of Communication


Giant solid glass ball on war table with 5 small balls. Parn and Magnus begin explaining that the balls are the communication devices. The big one is the main relay. The way they work is that each group will take a small ball with them. Can communicate to all the balls or just from ball to ball. Person holding the ball is attuned to it. So think about the person holding the ball or think about the central.

  • Yellow if talking to another ball.
  • Yellow to blue other end looks at the ball in time.
  • Red means you can leave a 24 hour message.
  • When you are receiving a message, it will hum and pulse yellow. You pick it up and you can start communicating
  • Pulse Red for message waiting.
  • Use 3 times a day

Audio only. Magnus is very proficient so Magnus will call the ball. Thoril will grab the ball. Very giddy. About holding a ball. Davnan grabs a ball. Petros takes one.

KEY PHRASE: “I have pressing news!”

Balls of Communication

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