Fighting the Dark

Southwest to the Dwarves!

War, huh, good gawd yaw, what is it good for?

The War Council:

As the council sits down around a table that contains a map of the realm, Gerds join. Silence permeates the room. Gerds introduces himself. While the members have heard of Gerds, none here have really met him except for Parn and us.

Gerds tells of two of his mines in the west being over run. He then turns to Parn tells him that he wishes to put aside their old problems and work to a safer realm. He then presents a large gem as a sign of faith. Gerds holds his hand out to Parn, but Parn gives him a big hug instead. Thoril is happy to see Parn so happy.

King and Queen thank Gerds. “Your wisdom is renowned and we can’t be more happy to see you working with us in this fight.”

A Tourney! And a Spanking.

In the downtime after the council, Raden and Xalara heads down to the training yard to work out. Thoril begins quizzing the councilors to understand the situation with the Dwarves. There is some smack talk between Xalara, Raden, and Davnan. The King thinks that Xalara and Raden will fight and the winner will take on Davnan. Davnan suggests a tournament to help raise spirits in the capital city.

The tournament of arms takes all day. Xalara is defeated by Raden who is taken down by Davnan after a hard fought battle.
Off to see the Dwarves

Thoril, Parn, and Magnus were very very excited about something. The party receives Balls of Communication.

Arrive at the dwarves!

Looking for portal, Staff of Athalantar, and any help you need.

They have a library and have found a city from the old days. Found lots tieflings in the mines. Kobolds from the mines. Gone for a few days and then come out in force. We can overcome them, but it slows us down. Where they come from, well, we don’t know. Problems in all the areas of the mines. Drifted towards the city.
Attacked by Tieflings with Bands
Attacked by Tieflings that disintegrate once defeated. Was able to see they had bands on, but did not have sufficient time to determine the origin of the bands.

Don’t know where they are coming from. No dwarf power. Lower tunnels collapsed about 10 years ago.

  • South deep mines: collapsed, about 10 years ago, lost lots of good dwarves.
  • West: ruins
  • East: unexplored, just haven’t been digging there since the other locations are so rich.

Ruins were a fluke. Been digging west for 3 years. Producing good ores, but 2 tunnels collapsed into the upper areas of the ruins. Connected 2 more shafts into the ruins. Build platforms into rockwall and steps down into the ruins (~250 ft in the air). After the ruins stairs finished, then had problems with the tieflings. Probably a den. Fortifications at the stairs and patrols. Can only protect one shaft at a time. The ruins extend south.

Find a map of the mines and catalog system for the western mines and where the southern mines should be. Lots of Tieflings for quite a while, but not to the extent they are now. If west and south were connected, possibly not now. Was a working mine, but tieflings and giants drove them out. No idea on who’s ruins it was.

Taking shaft 3.

Attacked by Tieflings. We win.

Drailgoth is the demon…

Furthest North almost to where the dwarves busted through.

Defeated a blood demon
2500gp in coin and gems
Holy Symbol to Moradin

600gp in another room
900gp in 2nd chest
Lock box

Dwarves will begin excavating immediately. Will be cleared out in about a month. (2 weeks defenses, 2 weeks digging) We have a big party. Contact Parn the next morning concerning the lock box. 1000 years, elves had major influence and this box were part of a mutual agreement to keep mining and help prosper in the area. Key opens box to a purple gemstone. History of stones are lost. Words on the stone translated to phrase, should we ever need to connect, may the stones show the way.

After Demon Battle

Go back to Haledorn.

Gerds and Parn determine demonic magic at work at the wizards tower thinks you guys should go north to Sperth. When Parn and Gerds asked about the demon you guys battled, Thoril tells them

The demon was summoned to stop the dwarves from exploring much, and when it was “killed” it was banished more back to the demon plane versus killed and they still are not sure about the “master” of the demon.

It was also noted that when Parn and Gurds contacted the king and queen they found that more refugees from the north were coming into the kingdom from the north speaking of more and more attacks by the undead and some small farming communities have been wiped out in the process.

Gerds’ contacts in the north also have sent word to the king and queen that they have found some caves that appear to be very old and the undead have been making their way into the caves, but the caves seem old and there are writings in the caves talking about the great gate and how this was at one point the last stand for the 3rd tribe wars and it is protected by the souls of the tribesman until the cave is needed again to save the north. It is approximately 10 miles east of the main city of Sperth in the mountains. Gurds’ men found the caves when seeking a
place to expand operations of gems, but could not explore much because of the constant threat of undead in the caves.

The group asked about enchanted horseshoes and was told that an enchantment could be quickly setup that would cut the 8 week trip down by 2 weeks but had the potential to kill the horses if they were not careful and rode the horses too hard.They were also given a magical relic from Haledorn ( the sack) that his ancestors carried in their travels, and each given an assorted item to help them in their travels.

Item: handy haversack – modified

Anything but clothes (not armor) and food put into the haversack will rust/come out non-useable and magic will not protect items. even being in the bag for a split second causes the effects.

The bag however does hold 100 meals for 5 consisting of

  • 50 lb meats
  • 20 lb cheese
  • 20 lb bread
  • 80 drinks mead
  • 40 drinks water
  • 20 lb assorted berries

All items of the group were repaired for cracks in armor, rips, tears, etc. The group was also given a full set of clothes for the cold weather ( boots for cold weather, cloak, gloves) for the travel up north to protect them against the elements however when the items are worn the wearer is encumbered by -1 speed.



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