Fighting the Dark

Restore the Staff of Athalantas

Quest of the Missing Stone

We have the Staff of Athalantas but we are missing the main gem stone.

  1. Need a Ruby for the Staff.
  2. See King and Queen for blessing to execute

Parn has provided us with a green teleportation stone with “pursue” as magic word. Must visualize wizards house. This will take us back to Parn’s house. We are also given a magic box that we will need to give to Gerds. We don’t know what the magic box does, but Parn says that it may help us convince Gerds to help us. Gerds’ main mines are located in the Volcanoes of Thuun.

When we arrive at the Volcanoes of Thuun, we find a signpost and are also approached by large giants. We tell the giants that we were sent to seek Gerd by the wizard Parn and that we are seeking Gems and have a magic box from Parn to trade for it.

We are welcomed in and offered beer. We tell our tale and what we truly are looking for. Gerds quickly identifies when Raden is trying to blow smoke up his ass. Luckily for us, a member of the Scythe and Pickaxe clan is there to verify our story. We all head to room to talk to a northerner (barbarian shaman, Matrox) to verify our news from Parn that there is problems with the barbarians to the north. Matrox is able to confirm that they have not heard from two tribes, but given the nomadic habits of their people that is not all that unusual. Our story is now mostly verified.

Gerds basically tells he does not have a ruby of a sufficient size or quality. He says that he might be able to synthesize one though and gets 2 gold coins from Raden that he combines into a single very dense gold coin. He says that he has developed a technique that can take 2 gems and make them into a large fine gem. By using a lot of little gems, he can make a larger one, but not as good of quality. At this point we need to get working on both acquiring the rubies needed as well as prepare the spell.

Raden heads to the mines and is able to get 5 good rubies. Marin and Erdan work with Gerds and are able to pass a test to see if they can aid in the spell. They are successful but injures slightly by the last set of magical blasts.

As the party is chanting, it becomes more and more difficult. First a mage is turned into pulp. Next another mage is flung off into another area. Marin takes a beating but Erdan pays the ultimate cost and is left a shell in the care of Gerd with blackened hands and a smoking vacant body. Ultimately the party is able to create a ruby of sufficient size and quality.

Marin and Raden begin preparations to travel the 3 days to the main city, but Gerds says he will join you there in about a week, as he is currently too drained to travel. He also asks Marin and Raden to not get involved with any sort of disagreement with Parn. While Marin and Gerds sleep that night, Raden builds a ruby necklace to remember Erdan. That morning, the necklace is enchanted by Gerd to turn black when Erdan passes on.

While the the party heads on to see the King and Queen, Raden is curious about the magical experience Marin had, but Marin is not ready to talk about it. They are met at the gate by Petros who is leading the guards. He is the adviser to the king and queen. They were waiting for you at Parn’s command. Parn takes the loss of Erdan badly.

The Staff assembled

Marin and Raden meet Thoril. Thoril and his party has been sent to find a tome of Knowledge concerning the Fae and Underdark. Thoril tells the party about how to use the Staff of Athalantar as a divining crystal. He tells them that as soon as Gerds arrives with the stone, we can set the ruby in the Staff.

Gerds arrives suddenly and storms past Raden and Marin and punches Parn square in the face. Gerds is clearly upset with Parn about the loss of 4 lives, especially the three who have spent the last 12 years working Gerd. Parn just sort of takes it. “Leave, then close the door,” says Gerd. Thoril leaves, but Raden and Marin choose to stay although they close the door. “Just watch your heads,” says Gerd. Magic energy and the tongues of magic fill the room. The party gets shielded by Parn. Parn decides he has enough and whomps on Gerd. As Marin and Raden list, they learn that at one time in the past Parn saved Gerds from his parents and brother. While Gerds is glad to be alive, he feels that Parn did not have to use overwhelming force and kill his family. Gerds screams in frustration and sets the ruby on the table and magicks himself out of the room. Parn inspects the ruby and declares it perfect. Parn then tells the two to go find Thoril’s lab and he will join them in about an hour.

When Raden and Marin find the lab all Thoril says is, “Trust in Parn for he shall be the light in the darkness.” The learn from Parn and Thoril that the Staff of Athalantar is an ancient artifact used by mages who advised kings. It can look across leagues to see battles and legions. But if you use it too much or too harshly, you hear the voices of the enemy and it can drive you crazy. Zantilan Chorster was the Sage that last used it in advising King Henry the IV. The king demanded that the mage look into the heart of the army. The mage went mad and killed King Henry. Once he realized what he had done, he removed gem from staff. He then took it to his family crypt. It was recovered but no one knew about the book to help with the staff’s usage.

Parn introduces us to the king and queen and the party is very surprised when the royal couple bows to them. Wooh! The King and Queen ask what the faith level is for Parn’s plan to save the realm. When the party admits that they are behind Parn, the King and Queen have chairs brought down for everyone to join is a conference to plan the next steps.

The council speaks of emissaries from the city of Sperth, which is located to the North, being in town. They also learn that people have had difficulties in visiting the Wizards Guild. Those that travel the road to tower, get turned into “powdered human”. Parn has had no contact with the other wizards. With that the party decides to turn in, but the guards show up and they say that there are intruders. The party is able to track them, but lose sight of them. They arrive in Thoril’s lab to find 3 guards standing there. Thoril walks over and grabs the staff and book, but they are suddenly attacked by these doppelganger guards.

3,200xp from the assassin trying to steal my damn book.



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