Fighting the Dark

Gemming the Catapults

We help the village doing some work around the town and earn some additional funds. The party decides that the best approach is to sneak through the mountain valley to go gem the catapults. We are able to move through the valley with some minor difficulties. We really just aren’t cut out for this sneaking stuff, but when we were detected, we were able to bash our way through. When we tried to set off the explosives, it turns out that 2 of the gems were not correctly configured. Raden works his way to the nearest one and gets it prepped to fire. Xalara works his way at a dead sprint to one of the further ones out to set the last bomb ready to go. In his bid to escape, he climbs the ice hill and leaps over the giant to launch himself from the catapult as he sets the last bomb to trigger. The rest of us head down into the caverns at the end of the valley just prior to the valley coming down on our heads.

Inside the cavern, we find what looks to be the workshop used to assemble the catapults. The first room we encounter looks to be a forge, still manned by a few undead frost giants, which we are able to dispatch. As we work our way through this labyrinth, we encounter more of these undead and continue to clear them out as quickly as possible, but we are running low on healing supplies. We also find some sort of flying creature as well that kept on grabbing Raden to take him away but we were able to stop them from escaping. As we continued to explore, we encountered a long hallway. As we move along it Raden is able to spot a trap, but we set it off. Suddenly the hallway is filled with poisonous gasses and while Borthomir and myself are able to get back, Raden is knocked out. I go back in for him and am able to get him most of the way out. Along with poison gas, there is an alarm that is sounded and we are soon surrounded by more undead frost giants who take us prisoner.

We are taken to a larger room where we are held by four undead giants before what looks to be a red wizard of Thay and his two apprentices. The three wizards are bound head to toe in a red robe and red piecemeal leather armor with knee high boots. The lead wizard’s head is shaved and has tattoos and his hands are adorned with rings. We have heard that these tattoos tend to be magical in nature. The apprentices don’t have tattoos but each have 2 rings that have gold bands and an emerald setting. With that the lead wizard begins to speak.

Two years ago, I was sent with the task by my master to do some reconnaissance on Sperth for an upcoming attack. I found that the people were nice but naive. I felt a little bad for the upcoming doom, so I warned the leader of town to get his people out. He cast me out and I was banished from the town and stoned. My master punished me for being traitorous. And while these are my apprentices, they are enthralled by the Master.

We find out that he cannot utter the name of the Master. His name is Till VanDinah. He appears to be afraid. He is also very disappointed that we have destroyed all his catapults. He gives us two options: leave under a spell or fight for our lives. When asked why his master is doing this, we are told that revenge and retribution are the Master’s reasons for attacks.

Naturally, we turn him down. When we do, all the wizards go rigid and open mouth to a horrific voice filled with hatred. The apprentices then melt and die as the Red Wizard’s tattoo light up and he runs out of the room quickly as if driven by a whip.

Luckily we are able to defeat his guards. At this point the caverns have been very quiet so we finish searching this play for any clues that we can use. We find his study with catapult books as well as orders to bombard the city till an army would arrive soon. Also we find a small locked black box which contains trinkets and gold worth about 4000gp.

We head out of the caverns only to find there is no indication of which way the Red Wizard has fled. The way we came up the mountain is now covered in rubble and now we have a day and half of travel to get back. We decide that we need a rest before we head back into the city.

We notice that something was following us down for a while but then lose sight of the thing. We make it back to town where we notice that the town defenses are improved and people recognize us and give us pats on the back and cheers.

Coaster wants to talk to us. After congratulating us, Coaster gets serious and orders everyone out leaving only Brink, Coaster, and one guard remaining. He has received new information in the small time we were gone. One of the members of the scouting party is back and in dire shape. Before he went unconscious, he told us that a grave danger is heading our way from the Northeast. A danger larger than the town.

An army at least 2 leagues wide. Mostly undead with giants and ghouls and some mighty wizards. It looks like there is no way to trap whole army to the Northeast as there are 6 or 7 paths through the mountains and we can’t block them all. The scout was captured by the enemy and while trapped noticed that all the wizards were enthralled. The leader travels within the camp with body guards. He can be easily discovered because he wears his red robes. While the scout was captured, he traveled with them for 2 days, only travelling sun up to sun down, covering 6 miles per day. 4 days to get to the far side of the mountain range… 9 days out.

The scout knows the location where the master wizard is coming through based on the fact that the guards are scouting it heavily. There is a cave and mountain face that would be hard to spot. Coaster would suggest rigging up an avalanche to go when the master comes in.



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