Fighting the Dark

Ambushing a Red Wizard

We decide call Parn. When we tell him about our plan to create an ambush and cause an avalanche using the explosive gems. Parn then informs us that there are crystals in the undead that act as an amplification for Till’s control. If the crystal on the Red Wizard is destroyed, then the link to the Master will be weakened and severed. It will definitely knock out his control of the Army.

As we travel toward the valley, a tornado heading our way, we figured it was likely Handy. As we get closer, the tornado slows up and it is surprisingly comfortable to walk. Inside there is a floating table with a bag. Thoril takes the bag. Inside are the gems along with a wand of magic missile. Handy explains that 1 shot to explode a gem and as long as the gems are within 30 feet the reaction will chain.

We set up at the ridge in the mountain. As the Red Wizard and his entourage enter the valley, the wizard spots that there is a ridge and begins to move more cautiously through the valley floor. Thoril moves back in the cave and lets the sneakier Raden watch at the edge of the to let him know when to start the chain reaction. Unfortunately the party forgot about the invisible potions and are spotted by Till and Thoril runs in to immediately set off the reaction killing half of the Wizard’s entourage. The party then holds up at the top of the cliff, and begins a slow battle of attrition with the Wizards troops. Till becomes very annoyed with us and floats up and using one of his spells blows them back from the entrance, at which point his icy giants begin to push their way into the cave. Thoril throws caution to the wind and charges the Red Wizard hovering outside the cave front, swallowing his elixir of levitation as he runs. Unfortunately the Red Wizard is able to shake him off and he falls all the way to the ground. Raden seeing this as an opportunity with his better physique does the same without a potion and also is unable to hold on, falling to the ground. Borthomir is left at the cave surrounded all by himself but some quick thinking is able to teleport outside the cave and float down to the group. But once on the ground, the tide begins to turn.

First an aerial combat takes place between Thoril and the Red Wizard, while Raden and Borthomir then surrounded by the undead ice giants. Unfortunately, the party is slowly bleeding away. At that point Thoril is lost and down, but we keep on fighting. Soon we are overcome by the onslaught and we are down.



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